Another ‘X3’ Character?


Okay, so I have no idea what all of these X-Men 3 characters do, and I know that my headline makes it seem like I am getting tired of hearing about all the new X-Men characters for this new movie… that is only partly true. Honestly, I would prefer it if there were some surprises when it came to the characters involved. Yeah, okay, the synopsis is being hidden from us, but we all know that is going to change as we get closer to the May 26, 2006 release date. Wouldn’t it be cool if we saw the movie for the first time though and all of a sudden there were all these cool new characters that we had not heard of?

Nevertheless, The Hollywood Reporter has alerted us of a new cast member for the upcoming mutant movie as Mei Melancon will be playing Psylocke, who THR tells us has had several incarnations in the Marvel comic book series and is best known for her fighting and telepathic skills as well as an ability to transport herself and others through shadows. In the film, she will fight against the X-Men as a member of Magneto’s (Ian McKellen) Brotherhood of Mutants.

Melancon has already worked under X3 director Brett Ratner in his action-comedy Rush Hour 2 in a pivotal role described by IMDB as… hold your breath… “Girl in Car”. I did get a slight chuckle out of that, I will admit.

The teaser trailer for this movie kicked some serious ass. It was one of the best uses of music in conjunction with images I have seen in a long while in a movie trailer… that bass freaking rocked. I only hope this one can continue to impress, I want it to be good so very badly!

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