How Many ‘Sin City’s’ Can You Handle?


I loved Sin City, and yeah, I know I am taking forever to get my review of the brand new special edition DVD up, but bear with me, it will be up no later than the 26th. Gimme a break, it came a little late and I have been busy over here… you’ll see.

As for this story, it is some big news coming out of Empire Online as they scored a quick interview with Sin City creator Frank Miller who told the site not only is the script for Sin City 2 being finished right now, it is alwo set for an August 18, 2006 release date. However, that isn’t the big news, read the Miller quote below:

“I’m finishing the script right now for Sin City 2 – I can’t wait to get back behind the camera. If I have my way, there’s going to be five [films] – but that’s if I have my way! Five would take care of all the graphic novels – but there’s new material that I’m writing for the second one. There’ll probably also be a separate graphic novel that I’ll do. It’s a Nancy Callahan story that I’ve been wanting to do.”

Yeah, you read it right, five films! I will tell you right now that the Sin City special edition is amazing and to have five separate DVDs like this with all the stories broken out would be phenomenal, but more on that a little later. For now click here to head on over to Empire Online to get the full story.

Who knows, at the rate they are pumping these out we may have Sin City 5 by 2010!

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