A ‘Typhoon’ Hits DreamWorks


DreamWorks has just picked up the most expensive Korean film ever made from Korea’s CJ EntertainmentCJ Entertainment and is getting ready to release it in the States next year. The movie is called Typhoon and as for how much it cost, get this… $15 million, and Variety tells us “it is rumored to be several million dollars higher.” Yeah, that is all, not the price tag you were thinking it might be huh?

Compare that to the $207 million King Kong cost to make or even better yet, the $250-300 million it is costing to make Superman Returns. Amazing isn’t it?

As for this Typhoon movie there isn’t a ton to tell as the Variety article doesn’t go too indepth, but it does say that it has earned a record 1.8 million admissions, totaling $11.1 million, in Korea over its first five days of release, despite a cool reception from local critics.

The film was directed by K.T. Kwak and is about a modern-day pirate planning a massive attack on North and South Korea. Other than that all I have for you is a link to the film’s official site, but you are going to need to know Korean to do more than just look around.

Stay tuned as the cut of the film, the release date and more are still being negotiated.

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