Box Office Oracle: Dec. 16 – Dec. 18


This week looks like a massacre so I’d like to delve into some Oracle questions. Many people have been looking for answers from the Oracle because I’m tapped into the information superhighway (which is what I call my brain). Avid fans write in all the time with questions like “Will I ever find love?”, “Will Kong win the weekend?” and “What are my chances at getting that new job?” The answers are of course No, Yes, and, No way, you aren’t even remotely qualified. I hope this helps Sheryl in Topeka, your cries have not been for naught.

1. King Kong $85.6m
It would have topped a hundred if it was less than three hours. I’m happy it’s long, I’m just saying.

2. The Chronicles of Narnia; The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe $40.5m
It’s going to be mobboli at the movies this weekend, that’s slang for packed people. You gots to know that Oracle is hipper than his grandma’s hip replacement.

3. The Family Stone $24.7m
This could have won some weekends if it wasn’t monster opener weekend. The Family Stone is a nice little film. We wish it the best.

4. Syriana $7.1m
Oil prices are dropping like it’s hot. Who knew the movies had such pull?

5. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire $6.4m
You think JK Rowling ever has a money BBQ? Do they even call them BBQs over there?

6. Walk the Line $4.7m
I’m still encouraging people to see it and I know at least seven or eight persons.

7. Yours, Mine, and Ours $4.3m
“Don’t walk away Rene, you won’t see me follow you my love…” Does anyone besides me remember that song? It’s from 1936 or so.

8. Just Friends $2.6m
Speaking of music how about Anna Farris’ vocal chops? She’s worth a listen on Itunes.

9. Aeon Flux $1.7m
I wouldn’t see this if you were holding my puppy hostage.

10. Pride and Prejudice $1.0m
As Christmas in America ramps up it’s time for British period pieces to fade away like Mazzie Star.

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