‘Da Vinci Code’ Secret Site!


Okay, the boys over at ComingSoon have one hell of a dedicated scooper with A LOT of time on their hands and a mystical brain to boot as they have managed to find and decode a secret Da Vinci Code website out of the trailer that just hit.

Now this “scooper” could be a studio plant that just sent in the scoop to the site and tried to act like they weren’t with Sony, but nonetheless, the find is cool. If you want to find the code for yourself click here to watch the trailer, if you want to learn the secret site just read the blurb from CS below:

Thanks for the update on The Da Vinci Code trailer. Cool stuff! There is something strange about it though! Check out the letters that are highlighted at the end of the presentation. The Word SEEK and the letters: T H S E C D E O

Unscramle this and it reads: SEEK THE CODES

OK, I checked out:


Looks like some regular schmoes website BLOG, right? Wrong! I checked out the domain registration. It’s registered to Sony Pictures Entertainment. This is the first riddle in a string that starts with the trailer!

Cool, eh?

The Da Vinci Code hits theaters on May 19, 2006.

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