Not a Lot of Latin Love for ‘Bourne 3’ Script… Yet


This is sort of a two-part story. Of course we have the news that LatinoReview has posted a script review for the third film in the Bourne series, The Bourne Ultimatum, but the other news is that those boys over there have popped up a brand spankin’ new website and it is worth a mention. Gone are the days of the one column homepage and LatinoReview is now up and running with a full fledged database run website that looks simply silky smooth. Nice work boys!

As for the story here the site’s resident script reviewer ‘El Mayimbe’ has given his thoughts on The Bourne Ultimatum and they aren’t exactly favorable, a C+ review to be exact.

Here are a couple of spoiler free snippets:

…the Bourne Ultimatum script dated 9/22/05 and 130 pages long by Tony Gilroy is, I hate to say it, boring!

…like is predecessors will be rewritten 20 ways to Sunday. What I feel Gilroy did with this draft is lay out the foundation from which to work from, just lay it all on the page and with the rewriting process already in full swing, I am sure they are going to cut a lot of it down, condense it more, tighten it up a little more.

Ultimatum is basically a rehash of the 1st film and this draft has a been there, done that sort of feel. Ultimatum is a lot like the 1st film, only no love interest. Besides Bourne, Pamela Landy (Joan Allen) is back and so is Nicky (Julia Stiles).

The jist of what Ultimatum is about is what we see on page 19 in Simon’s Safe-house on the wall above Simon’s desk…

Don’t take this review as a negative, simply see it as a starting point to which to build from. As it stands, the script is now a C+.

There is a lot more to the review, which does contain spoilers, but those are more or less the opening and closing opinions. To check out the full story click here and enjoy.

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