Box-Office Oracle: Dec. 2 – Dec. 4


I can’t go against Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this week. Not for that little Theron project which I believe has something to the future and/or fighting for it in skin tight suits.

1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 30.9m
What about calling him H-Pott? Kind of grown up street slang for my boy wizard.

2. Aeon Flux 20.9m
Stay off the grass! That’s what I’ve gotten out of the trailer so far. Because the grass is being used by the man to stab you.

3. Walk the Line 10.7m
You know who reminds me of Joaquin? Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. It’s not really germane to the conversation, but you weren’t saying anything so I’m improvising.

4. Yours, Mine, and Ours 9.6m
It’s astounding to me that Rene Russo is over 50. The gal looks good. Give it up people.

5. Chicken Little 6.0m
I’ve run out of Chicken Little material. I’m working on new stuff but it takes time. Hopefully the film will be out of the top ten by the time I’m done.

6. Rent 5.8m
This was no Chicago eh? Frankly, I knew Chicago and Moulin Rouge and you sir are not it.

7. Just Friends 5.0m
I wouldn’t date this movie. We could be buddies, but only the kind who didn’t really hang out. Maybe Christmas card exchange or something.

8. Pride and Prejudice 3.5m
I think that “prejudice” has kept the masses away on this one but I’m certain they are using it a different way. They should just update it and call it Ego and Feelings.

9. Derailed 3.1m
After the monorail crashed in Seattle they flew the cast and crew out to point out what derailed should have been about.

10. Zathura 2.7m
Is Zathura the best Z movie ever? The Oracle is taking nominations starting now.

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