CLIP: Four Minute ‘King Kong’ Clip!


Last night during NBC’s airing of Shrek they previewed four minutes of an unedited sequence of never-before-seen footage from King Kong and now, thanks to a heads-up from our frequent scooper ‘Mike Markus’, we have learned that the clip has popped up online and we have it for you in your choice of a fast download in our very own media player or you can head on over to MEGAUPLOAD and download all 50+ Megabytes of it.

I do want to tell you that this clip does have a minor spoiler, but considering the movie is three hours long and this clip is only four minutes I think there will still be more than enough surprises in store for you down the road.

To check out the clip here on RopeofSilicon simply click here or on the pic above.

To download it for yourself click here.

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