X3’s Beast Picks Up Where Nightcrawler Left Off


I have very little X-Men experience outside of the two films Fox has released. I did watch the cartoon a bit when I was younger and all I know about Beast is that he is a big, agile mutant with blue fur, beyond that I am drawing a blank. Apparently my confusion will be solved as XMenFilms has learned that director Brett Ratner aims to explore the minds of those mutants with less than “normal” appearances, much similar to how Nightcrawler’s point of view on the world was explored in X2.

Beast will be played by Frasier‘s Kelsey Grammar and XMenFilms tells us this:

Halle Berry’s Storm, and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine can easily go out into public, and not be feared based off their looks, but what about the mutants who have more physical mutations? How do they think? We got a taste of it in X2, with the interesting exchange of words between Rebecca Romijn’s Mystique and Alan Cumming’s Nightcrawler, and now that very subject will be busting at the seams in the third chapter, with Beast and other groups of ‘strange’ looking mutants.

Even though he’s lived with his mutation for some time, Grammer’s Beast will still be struggling with his physical self. Dark blue, gray, black fur, and strong animal-like features aren’t exactly looked upon as ‘normal’ and at times in the film we will see him questioning something that might be able to help his problems.

While Internet speculation is constantly questioning whether or not X3 will be good or not XMenFilms seems convinced that this one has a major chance at being “he most dramatic X-film yet!”

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