Who Killed the ‘Wolf Creek’ Kids?


So Wolf Creek is based on a true story eh? Well who the hell is the real Wolf Creek Killler? KillerOutback.com.au has the answer and his name is Ivan Milat. The creepy dude to your left.

Tons of people are interested in this flick and Kellvin over at LatinoReview told me it was the scariest movie of the year and he has seen it twice already. Guess it is nice to live in NYC eh?

I am yet to see the flick about the guy that kills a bunch of backpackers in the Australian Outback, but there is conversation going on in our forums already as a group of Aussies have weighed in on the film, check that out here.

But if you want to learn about the man the film is based on check out Killer Outback, here is a snippet the site:

Ivan Milat was nothing, if not thorough—heavily into elaborate torture, he’d attacked brutally, thoroughly, and often. Never having enough of a good thing—Milat would stab, shoot, assault, mutilate, bludgeon, torture and decapitate his victims, in no particular order, mind you. He was also known for strange primitive elements in his work-not the least of which were crude stone fireplaces at the body sites, with his victims tucked nearby under canopies of sticks and ferns.

Get the rest of the story here.

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