CASTING CALL: New Names Coming in Bunches

Not the most exciting bit of news today, but The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Dean Parisot has signed on to direct The Bill From My Father for Warner Bros.

The film is a comedy that is loosely based on an upcoming memoir by Bernard Cooper telling the story of a hardworking father who is so upset by his son’s decision to quit his high-paying job that he presents him with a bill for the cost of his upbringing.

THR goes on to say that the movie will explore the theme of the universal expectations between parents and kids. Parisot will further develop the script with Nelson.

I promised batch casting and here is our first batch as The Hollywood Reporter reports that Ali Larter, David Carradine, Tom Arnold, Talia Shire and Hayes MacArthur have joined the indie flick Homo Erectus: A Caveman Comedy.

Adam Rifkin is aboard as writer/director and star of the comedy, which centers on Ishbo (Rifkin), a philosophical caveman who loves Fardart (Larter), but she only has eyes for Ishbo’s studly, dimwitted brother, Thudnik (MacArthur). Carradine and Shire will play Ishbo’s parents, while Arnold will play Rog, a gay caveman.

I must admit, this one might be funny.

Batch number two also comes from The Hollywood Reporter telling us that Michael Biehn, Bijou Phillips, Lauren German, Katie Cassidy, Patrick Flueger, Adam Campbell and Chris Lowell have all signed on to star in the indie comedy You Are Here.

The picture was written and will be directed by Henry Pincus who will be making his directorial debut.

The film takes a look at the Los Angeles club scene by revolving around six clubgoers as they retell their escapades from the previous evening.

And finally, batch number three comes from Variety reporting that Billy Crudup, Mandy Moore, Harvey Keitel, Mia Farrow and Bob Balaban have signed on to star in Dedication, a romantic comedy to be directed by Justin Theroux.

Dedication will mark Thereoux’s directorial debut as he helms the picture, which revolves around a misogynistic children’s book writer (Crudup) who is forced to collaborate with a young female illustrator (Moore) when his writing partner and only friend (Keitel) dies. Farrow will play the domineering mother of Moore’s character, Balaban the book’s publisher.

Filming is expected to begin early next year in Manhattan working off a script developed by Theroux with scribe David Bromberg.

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