Will Dench Play M in ‘Casino Royale’?


There doesn’t seem to be a consensus on whether or not Dame Judi Dench will be back in the role of M in the upcoming 21st Bond flick Casino Royale, but IGN FilmForce took the time to listen to a radio broadcast over at BBC Five Live in which Dench was promoting her upcoming feature Mrs. Henderson Presents and dropped a bit of news.

Here is how IGN reported the scoop:

According to Dench, it appears quite likely that she will indeed return for the next 007 installment. As fans will recall, Dench’s M was introduced in 1995’s GoldenEye as Bond’s new boss who blasted him as a relic of the Cold War. How exactly the filmmakers will explain how the same M will be the boss of a new, younger Bond just starting out in his career has not been addressed publicly by the filmmakers.

I have a hard time believing Dench would be lying about this, she has said it before and seems confident the role is hers.

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