Third ‘Rush Hour’ on the Fast Track


This was reported by Variety yesterday, but I didn’t care enough to report it then and I don’t think you are going to care about getting day old news considering it is only the Rush Hour franchise.

Apparently Chris Tucker has left the Michael Jackson defense team and has decided to finally sign on for not only Rush Hour 3 but a possible Rush Hour 4. Yup, they are obviously thinking of Rush Hour as the new Lethal Weapon as Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan, director Brett Ratner and screenwriter Jeff Nathanson are all returning for the sequel.

The film will begin shooting next summer in the U.S. and Paris and be the studio’s anchor on it’s summer 2007 schedule.

This is Tucker’s first movie since 2001’s Rush Hour 2, which was his first movie since Rush Hour in 1998.

Tucker will earn $20 million on the pic, Chan gets $15 million and distribution rights in China and Hong Kong, Ratner will get a spike on the upfront part of the $5 million-against-5% gross deal he had on Rush Hour 2 and Nathanson is getting seven figures for the script of which Tucker has approved as long as the final draft matches what Nathanson pitched.

So what is the movie about? Who knows, Variety doesn’t and all we know is that it will film in the U.S. and Paris.

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