Box-Office Wrap-Up: Nov. 18 – Nov. 20


It looks as though Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will have the 4th best opening weekend of all time. It opened better than any of the previous three Potters too. It was large and in charge. It saved 10% on its car insurance. You can do nothing but doff your cap to this little independent film.

1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 101.4m (My rank #1, 4.9m off)
What more can you say? Some went for the Quiddich, other’s for the Muggles, whatever the reason they went in droves making this flick only the 4th ever to hit the $100 million mark in its first three days. Right now Haley Joel is kicking himself for not taking the Harry Potter role when he had the chance.

2. Walk the Line 22.4m (My rank #2, 4.2m off)
Walk the Line would have won plenty of weekends this year with $22.4m. Now they’ll have to advertise it as “The #1 movie in the country that doesn’t have British people in it!”.

3. Chicken Little 14.7m (My rank #3, .7m off)
I didn’t see it so I’m refusing comment from here on out. I can’t comment on pending investigations. Sorry, house rules.

4. Derailed 6.5m (My rank #7, 1.6m off)
You know how sometimes they make little changes to come up with porn titles? Well, not to put us in the gutter but Railed is a pretty easy conversion isn’t it?

5. Zathura 5.1m (My rank #4, 2.0m off)
Total domestic box sits at $16.1m. That Can’t be enough for a movie set in space.

6. Jarhead 4.7m (My rank: #5, 1.8m off)
On the other hand a movie set in a damn desert had to be a little cheaper, eh?

7. Get Rich or Die Tryin’ 4.3m (My rank: #6, 2.0m off)
My biopic will be called The Mean Streets of Boca Raton.

8. Saw II 3.9 (My rank: #8, 1.0m off)
The most successful pschyo movie since Deuce Bigelow: European Gigolo.

9. The Legend of Zorro 2.3m (My rank: #9, .4m off)
Does anybody remember Salma Hayek from Desperado? Man, I want to meet that chick. What, she’s not in Zorro? Well, I’ll catch her in Bandidas.

10. Pride and Prejudice 2.1m (My rank: Not Ranked)
I keep getting burned on this tenth spot. I forgot the golden rule; go with hot babes early and often.

Weekend Box-Office Estimates
(in millions)
Harry Potter and
the Goblet of Fire
Walk the Line
Chicken Little
Get Rich or Die
Saw II
The Legend of Zorro
Pride and Prejudice

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Weekend: Nov. 22, 2018, Nov. 25, 2018

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