Howard Announces ‘Hustle and Flow 2’


While I have not yet seen Hustle and Flow I have heard enough about it to know that it is something I must see before the year ends. The film was apparently good enough that star Terrence Howard revealed to MTV that a sequel is more than in the works, it will be made:

‘Hustle & Flow 2,’ we’re gonna do it,” Howard revealed backstage at the recent Vibe Awards. The pale-eyed actor claimed the film will have the same cast and has already been written. He wouldn’t go into plot details, but said he couldn’t wait to get back into the character’s sweat-stained wife-beater and gold chains. “We start [filming] at the end of next year,” he smiled. “It will be great.”

He didn’t say specifically if writer/director Craig Brewer wrote the sequel and will direct it, but I can only assume Howard would only do the film if Brewer was returning. He is far too good of an actor to commit to a mediocre sequel.

Brewer is currently working on Black Snake Moan with Christina Ricci and Samuel L. Jackson, that film is expected to hit theaters some time in 2006.

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