New Looks at ‘Wolf Creek’ and ‘Hoodwinked’


Before I get to talking about the 27 new images that were just added to, which actually sends our total number of images up to 11,212 let me tell you about a little movie called Pulse. Yesterday I was at a screening of the upcoming Weinstein release Derailed and before the show started they showed us the trailer for Pulse, a remake of the Japanese horror Kaïro. The film centers on a group of college students who discover that a computer hacker friend of theirs unwittingly pirated a strange wireless signal that opened a doorway for a terrifying evil to cross over into the world. As it spreads, everyone in its path is consumed, and the students must race to find a way to stop it.

Now that is the synopsis as provided, but the trailer that we saw basically shows dead people EVERYWHERE! Don’t get me wrong, this one could be really corny and absolutely absurd, but based on the trailer I think it has some promise. Pulse is currently set for a March 3, 2006 release.

As for the pictures mentioned in the headline, we unfortunately don’t have any looks at Pulse, but we do have 10 more looks at Wolf Creek and 17 brand new peeks at the Weinstein’s first animated feature under their new banner called Hoodwinked, featuring a Little Red Riding Hood that closely resembles those nasty dolls in the ads. Yuck!

Anyway, take your pick at which gallery you want to peruse from the options below by clicking on either image.



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