Romero Hops into King’s ‘Buick’


I own every single book Stephen King has ever written, save one, “From a Buick Eight”. Reading a bit about the book it seemed to me a bit like a “Christine 2” and I just wasn’t interested. I do realize the story could be far more different than I assumed, but my interest just wasn’t peaked, but it seems George Romero feels differently as Variety has reported that the helmer is set to direct a feature adaptation of the novel for Chesapeake Films.

“I’m very excited that George is interested in directing ‘From a Buick 8,’ ” King told Variety, but, unfortunately, the article doesn’t talk much about the production, when it is actually going to begin filming or if the story is going to deviate from the book at all so I can’t give you much more info.

I can reiterate the story of From a Buick 8 as it was told in the article:

“From a Buick 8” is the story of a state trooper who is killed on the side of the road. The man’s colleagues try to help his son cope, but when the boy discovers his father’s dark secret in the barracks’ back shed, things start to stir not only in the shed but in the hearts and minds of the veteran troopers who surround him.

Maybe I will have to reconsider my decision to avoid this title.

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