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I do not have the energy for numerous casting articles this morning, so here it is, short and sweet, but insightful.

Laura Linney has signed on for two new films according to Variety. Those two films being Barry Levinson‘s Man of the Year and Billy Ray’s Breach.

Man of the Year begins filming on November 28 in Toronto and finds Linney opposite Robin Williams. In the film Williams plays a Jon Stewart-like host of a late night talk show who runs for president only to see the stunt backfire when he actually wins due to a set of unusual circumstances. Linney plays the head of a computer company that investigates those circumstances. Christopher Walken also stars.

In Breach Linney will star alongside Chris Cooper and Ryan Phillippe. The film will be for Universal and is described as a spy thriller telling the story of FBI traitor Robert Hanssen, who sold secrets to the Soviet Union during the Cold War and later to Russia. Linney is set to play an FBI agent who is in charge of Phillippe’s character. Lensing starts Nov. 16 in Toronto followed by scenes in Washington, D.C.

Variety reports that Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson are together again after the Star Wars prequels, this time it is for Icon Entertainment and a film called Poker Night, which centers on a rookie detective (Christiansen) who wakes to find himself strapped to a chair in a dim and filthy basement. Cop’s faceless abductor is a vicious serial killer who is mercilessly torturing his captive both physically and mentally. Nick Gillard is directing the feature.

Variety reports that Ray Liotta and Demi Moore are set to star in Chlorine, a comedy set in 1985 New England, where a man discovers that his wife has unwittingly put him in a local real estate deal that has him caught squarely into the savings and loan debacle. The film will begin shooting under the direction of Jay Alaimo on December 5.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Sela Ward has joined Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher in The Guardian in which she will play the wife of Costner’s character who is grappling with their troubled marriage. The storyline centers around the relationship between a rebellious Coast Guard enlistee (Kutcher) and a legendary rescue swimmer (Costner).

A second Hayden Christensen film is in the works, but we already knew about this one in which he stars alongside Jessica Alba in Awake, but the supporting cast has just been revealed by The Hollywood Reporter as Lena Olin, Terrence Howard and Sam Robards have joined the cast. The film is writer Joby Harold’s directorial debut and finds Christensen playing a victim of “anesthetic awareness,” in which a patient remains awake but paralyzed during surgery.

Production on the film actually began Oct. 31 in New York. Olin and Robards play Christensen’s parents, and Alba plays his wife, who’s facing her own demons. Howard plays the heart surgeon who leads the operation.

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