Scarlett Johansson is an ‘Amazon’


Anytime there is reason to post a story or an image concerning Scarlett Johansson I am game, but this time around I had to do a double take. This bit of news comes from Variety and tells us that Johansson is set to star in a movie called Amazon for Signature Pictures. In the film she is to play a gladiatrix from 200 B.C. who exacts vengeance on an army that destroyed her homeland.

Apparently the idea is Johansson’s and may signify the end of people taking ideas from actors. The Variety article goes on to say that she mentioned it to scribes Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci while they worked together on The Island.

Dirk Blackman and Howard McCain are writing the script and Blackman told Variety, “This will be a movie that falls between The Wild Bunch and The Seventh Samurai.” I think it falls somewhere between stupid and insane, but that is just me.

Nevertheless I leave you with a picture of Scarlett that will be featured along with any additional Scarlett Johansson news news from this point forward.

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