News on ‘Rocky VI’ and ‘Rambo IV’


Sylvester Stallone sure is busy, as Rocky VI, or should I say Rocky Balboa, goes into production next month we receive a boatload of news from IGN while at the same time we get additional news on Rambo IV from Moviehole along with a link to a teaser poster for the film.

First off is Rambo, the news is a bit shorter and I am sure you already checked out that teaser poster from the link above, if not here it is a again.

Moviehole tells us that while at the AFM John Tompson, the head of production at Nu Image/Millennium Films said, “We’re working on a script right now. We’re trying to find the right elements that will bring back the old RAMBO fans and still create enough curiosity to draw in the younger audience, without going through the same old formula of machine-gunning down a bunch of Afghanis or terrorists. We want to come up with something fresh and innovative…”

On top of that, they mentioned that such names as Blade helmer Stephen Norrington, Beverly Hills Cop great Martin Brest, The Great Raid director John Dahl, and Primal Fear director Gregory Hoblit are all being eyed for directorial duties.

Get more on that story here.

As for the Rocky Balboa news, Stax over at IGN got his hands on an early draft of the script and he gives us a lot more story details and then some. Here is a snippet:

Indeed, from the draft I read, Rocky Balboa, like Rocky V before it (the last “last Rocky movie”), returns “The Italian Stallion” to his Philly roots and strips him of his fortune but not his fame. Rocky now runs a restaurant where patrons come in just to hear some old fight stories. Yearning for a shot at proving to himself that he still has it, Rocky manages to get relicensed as a fighter. This move catches the attention of the camp of heavyweight champ Mason Dixon. After a recent computer match-up had Rocky beating Dixon (shades of the Rocky Marciano-Muhammad Ali computer bout), the possibility of a real match-up proves too enticing for both parties to resist.

There are some spoilers in the rest of his article so beware, but there is a lot more news to be read and learned. Stax ends his article saying, “While it wasn’t as bombastic and fresh as past installments, I’d advise you against making the same mistake as the champ’s opponents have by counting Rocky Balboa out.”

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