Cattrall and Gleeson Tell a ‘Tiger’s Tale’


Unfortunately with this little article not enough is revealed about the film to figure out if this is an odd pairing or if it will work out just fine, but Variety tells us that John Boorman is set to direct Brendan Gleeson and Kim Cattrall in an upcoming identity-theft thriller called The Tiger’s Tale.

Apparently the $8.5 million project concerns a man who is pursued by a murderous facsimile of himself after a seemingly chance encounter, which tells us nothing about Cattrall’s part in the whole thing. The title supposedly refers to a cautionary tale about a man who steps on a tiger’s tail and a nod to the cultural and economic revival of the Irish economy, dubbed the “Celtic Tiger.”

The story is set in Dublin and is set to begin in January.

Boorman most recently directed In My Country.

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