Pierce Brosnan is a Kidnapper


I am a fan of Pierce Brosnan. I think he was the best Bond who starred in the worst Bond movies (except Tomorrow Never Dies, I did enjoy that one). I think GoldenEye was overrated and I don’t think it was his fault. I am not at all sure if I think Daniel Craig will be a suitable Bond replacement and I am also not sure if Casino Royale will be any better than any of the other Bond movies that Brosnan starred in, but all that is besides the point. Brosnan isn’t Bond any longer; instead he is a kidnapper who pulls a family apart.

Yup, PB has just signed on to play a kidnapper in the “don’t take candy from strangers”, indie thriller Butterfly on a Wheel in which the daughter of a happy couple is abducted. Over the course of a day, the kidnapper (Brosnan) dismantles the family’s lives with brutal efficiency. Mike Barker is directing.

The Variety article that reported the news says that Brosnan is seeking darker roles following his successful Bond run. Successful in the fact that Bond movies make money, but can we really call them a success? I guess it is all subjective.

Butterfly is expected to begin lensing in February 2006.

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