Hopkins and Gosling Suffer a ‘Fracture’


I am waiting to be impressed by Ryan Gosling for a long time, I think the kid has talent but he just hasn’t found the right roles in my opinion. I was hoping The Notebook would be the one, but it turned out far too sappy for my taste, The United States of Leland just failed to impress and I have not seen Stay, but word surrounding the film isn’t urging me to the theaters. To date I would say Murder by Numbers is Gosling’s best as he seems able to tap directly into the soul of a tortured and tormented kid, but what about a lawyer? I only hope this next film, with Anthony Hopkins, will be the one.

Today Variety reports that Gosling and Hopkins have just been set to star in Fracture for New Line Cinema after Warner Bros. passed on the picture. The film was purchased from Castle Rock who has a first look deal with WB, but considering New Line and Warner are pretty much the some company there isn’t much difference here. Most likely the budget doesn’t call for $100+ million, which is the reason it was sent down to NL.

The story has been instantly greenlit and will begin filming in February 2006 with Gregory Hoblit directing. Variety describes the film as a battle of wits between a young district attorney, played by Gosling, attempting to convict Hopkins’ character of a murder he claims he didn’t commit.

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