Some ‘Wolf Creek’ Updates


The main reason I am posting this bit is because people seem to be clammoring for Wolf Creek information and these are a couple of bits that I am sure you will be interested in.

First off the release date has been changed, instead of releasing on January 6th, 2006 it has now been granted a December 25, 2005 release. Just in time for the most wonderous time of the year!

Second bit is that I have just learned that it has been given a PG-13 rating. Now this comes straight from the source so I have to believe it is true.

The reason I am a bit surprised by this is because the RopeofSilicon users that say they have seen the flick and are chatting it up in our forums here mention how gory the film is. To quote one user, “If you consider graphic scenes disturbing, then you probably will find this film very scary. There are about 2 or 3 that are can make you cringe.”

I have to wonder if this is a PG-13 rating for the theaters followed by an UNRATED DVD release, which is what I am assuming, but maybe some people that have seen it can shed some light on the subject in the Talk Back below.

As a side note, Johnny Depp‘s new film The Libertine, also from Weinstein Co. has had a release date update as well and will now be released in New York and L.A. on November 25 with a wide release set for January 13, 2006.

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