‘Father Knows’ Shyer and Hoffman


Charles Shyer is fresh off the failure Alfie and Dustin Hoffman is still looking for a role that will propel him back to Rain Man status. Can the two find happiness together? Happiness or not, they have at least found a new film, Father Knows Less over at New Line Cinema reports Variety.

The film will have Hoffman playing a record industry mogul who finds himself stuck with the day-to-day affairs of his family when his wife leaves him. For help, he turns to the kids from his first marriage, the ones he neglected when he was building his music career.

The good word on the story is that Shyer is looking to ground the film a bit and make it less of a broad comedy, probably in the same way he did with Alfie, which was not an overall travesty, the narration just became a bit burdensome.

Shyer is teaming with Larry Spencer to rewrite the original script by Aline Brosh McKenna and then John August.

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