Miner Bringing Back Romero’s ‘Dead’


I thought Lake Placid was crap but much to my surprise Steve Miner turned out a good fright flick with Halloween H20 and he is now heading back to sacred ground as he has just been tapped by Millennium and Emmett/Furla Films to remake George Romero’s 1985 zombie feature Day of the Dead.

In 2004 Zach Snyder tackled Romero’s Dawn of the Dead and pleased a lot of horror fans so Miner does have some work to do, but I wish him all the luck in the world. Zombie-like features have dominated the multi-plex lately with such films as 28 Days Later, Doom, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Dawn of the Dead and Romero’s Land of the Dead. Zombies have even managed a cross-over to television as ABC’s “Alias” has tapped into the genre. So to make it fresh will be quite a task.

Romero’s original film followed a group of scientists and military personnel holed up in an underground bunker because the world above is overrun with zombies. The lumbering flesheaters eventually find a way in and wreak havoc on the scientists who’ve been experimenting on their undead brethren.

As for the script, Jeffrey Reddick has been granted the task. Reddick is best known as part of the Final Destination 1, 2 and 3 scripting teams.

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