‘Dungeon Siege’ Getting ‘Kill Bill’ Treatment


I am not sure where the risk really is here, actually distributing a movie made by Uwe Boll, or distributing a Uwe Boll movie in two parts and hoping people return a month later to see part two?

Well, it was rumored a while back that Uwe Boll’s latest videogame adaptation, In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, was going to be over three hours long and today The Hollywood Reporter announced that it will indeed be split into two parts with a wide release of part one on November 3, 2006, and part two December 1, 2006.

The $60 million production stars Jason Statham, Ray Liotta and Leelee Sobieski to name a few and follows the journey of Farmer (Statham) from simple family man to heroic prince. Amidst a fantasy backdrop of war in the Kingdom of Ehb between the evil Gallian and the ruling King Konreid, Farmer sets out to find his kidnapped wife, Solana, and avenge the death of his son, who was killed by animal warriors called Krugs.

Boll told The Hollywood Reporter it will be “a huge epic adventure, and to support the exhibitors who can’t accept a movie so long, we decided to split the movie in half.”

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