‘Kong’ Running for Three Hours?!?


I was extremely skeptical when I first heard Peter Jackson was going to remake King Kong, then I saw the trailer and a lot of that skepticism was out the window, but a little bit of it just seeped back in as Variety has announced that King Kong will be three-hours long, a decision that has pushed the budget to $207 million.

The primary cause for the budget increase is because those additional minutes are going to require additional special effects work. This extra 30 minutes differs from the original plan of a two and a half hour cut with a budget of $175 million.

As for Universal’s reaction, “We expected to see a long movie,” Universal chair Stacey Snider told Variety, “and we loved it. It’s a brilliant movie, an epic feast.”

The Variety article goes on to mention that by opting for a three-hour runtime, Jackson will nearly double the 1933 original Kong‘s one hour and 40 minute length.

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