Campbell Gives Us More Bond Chatter


If Casino Royale turns out to be a bust I am not sure how James Bond fans will react, because the way this one is playing out it has to be the most highly anticipated Bond ever, and at the center of the media frenzy is director Martin Campbell and the controversial casting of Daniel Craig as the new Bond.

I say controversial because I have heard people on both sides of the fence in regards to him being cast. Personally I like the choice, especially since they are going for a grittier Bond, and in an interview with USA Today Campbell went into further detail on his thoughts on this matter.

Check out a snippet below:

“We’re going toward a much more realistic Bond, much more From Russia with Love than we’ve had in the past,” says Martin, who also directed 1995’s GoldenEye with former Bond Pierce Brosnan.

Bond is teamed with female agent Vesper Lynd, who later helps him recover after he is brutally tortured.

“She’s the one who forges him into the Bond that we all know and love,” Campbell says. “He certainly falls in love with her, and it does change him forever. It’s a genuinely deeper relationship. The film deals much more on a personal level with Bond.”

But there will be no gadget-master Q. The story is trying to avoid over-the-top weaponry.

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