Van Damme and Snipes Starring in Crap


Production Weekly has just announced that Wesley Snipes and Jean-Claude Van Damme will be starring alongside one another in The Hard Corps for writer/director Sheldon Lettich, who contributed to the story of Van Damme’s Bloodsport and several other Van Damme-d features.

The story will find Van Damme playing the battle-hardened combat veteran Patrick Sauvage, who has just spent the last three years fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq and has just been hired to be a bodyguard to a former World Heavyweight Boxing champion who has just run into some trouble with a dangerous rap music mogul. Van Damme’s character is then charged with the task of assembling a team of combat vets dubbed “The Hard Corps” (catching huh?) to guard the boxer, but as a cliché twist of fate is always destined to happen interpersonal complications come to the surface as boxer suspects that his sister may be falling in love with his new bodyguard.

There is no wonder why these two suffering actors have signed on to this feature as their one-time bustling careers have been marred by bad films, bad press, bad attitudes and did I say bad films?

Production is scheduled to start early next month in British Columbia before moving to Romania.

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