‘Swordfish’ Scribe Scribbles ‘Hitman’


I was actually looking through the upcoming films in the database just a couple of days ago and when I came across Hitman, the feature adaptation of the popular videogame starring Vin Diesel, I was thinking there was no way this one would end up getting made, but it seems I could be wrong as Fox has just snatched up a scribe for this one.

Skip Woods, the man behind the Swordfish script has been brought on to adapt the game into a real life movie, “Look ma, I’m on the big screen.”

The movie will be based on the popular Eidos Interactive videogame and will center around an international assassin (Diesel) known as Agent 47 who works for a mysterious organization dubbed the Agency.

Woods has also put in work on Logan’s Run, which Joel Silver recently told me “would have been made [already] if it hadn’t been for Superman… our intention now is to start this picture about a year from now, start shooting like Fall 2006 and have it come out Summer 2008 or something like that.”

As for Hitman, Variety goes on to say that Fox is apparently looking at this one as a franchise, and considering it is based on more of a “real life” scenario it seems this one may have some legs and worth some attention.

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