BOX OFFICE ORACLE: Oct. 21 – Oct. 23


The Oracle is doing shots of whiskey for inspiration this week. You want in?

Four openers this weekend, a robust group sure to not entertain. You’ve got women’s rights, Dakota Fanning, a video game film and the Ewan McGregor project that should have stayed home. Where will they all land? Will I pick the number one film correctly? Read on to get broken off with the heavy knowledge.

1. Doom 16.5m
I can’t fight this feeling anymore. I’ve forgotten what I started fighting for. This here video game film will open big in the grand tradition of Resident Evil.

2. Wallace and Gromit 9.0m
How about some Wallace and Gromit all up in your grill?

3. The Fog 7.9m
I dread putting The Fog this high because it isn’t a good film. Week one was too strong for me to have it falling off the map, so here it is. The little remake that could.

4. Elizabethtown 7.3m
Cameron didn’t win last week and he won’t win this week. I just hope it stays somewhat strong to prove all those snooty critics who said “an absolute mess” wrong. I hate those guys. They wear white after Labor Day.

5. North Country 6.1m
I can’t imagine a world where people flock to a harassment movie. Sure, it’s an Oscar contender, yeah Charlize is pretty, but they’ve got her all dirty from working in a mine. Maybe I’m missing something; maybe this is a failure of imagination. That’s why we play the game eh?

6. Dreamer 5.8m
Thankfully this is based on a true story. That helps. Too bad the story isn’t compelling. The church going crowd will try and lift it up but it won’t be enough.

7. Flightplan 3.7m
I heard a rumor that Jodie Foster’s actual child was once abducted on a plane. Talk about type casting over there! Kidding by the way… so gullible.

8. Domino 3.3m
The fans stayed away opening weekend and there aren’t many behind them either. The world has rejected Tony Scott’s opus to MTV in a resounding fashion.

9. In Her Shoes 3.3m
I’m happy this film is still around. I don’t say it enough but this is a film with heart.

10. Stay 3.0m
They went for the tried and true market of Mystery Noir Science Fiction Horror. What’s that? There is not a market for that? Oh… well then this film is screwed.

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