Script Review for ‘Fast and Furious 3’


LatinoReview is continuing in familiar fashion as they have posted an early script review for Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift, a.k.a. The Movie that Really Should Not be Made and this review proves it.

To quote El Mayibe, “A movie about Japanese racing culture. Drift racing. Big friggin’ deal. The script bored me and was a painful read hence 2 stars. The story sucked.”

The review does have a few spoilers, but to think that this movie won’t be entirely formulaic is a bit optimistic. Basically a bad boy gets in trouble in America, is sent to Japan, meets friends, pulls a Karate Kid and instead of breaking ice he eats wasabi, impresses friends makes enemies with bad Japanese guys, some racing occurs, there is a girl, guy gets girl and wins the race… or does he? Oh, the suspense!

To get the whole story and see how even the Yakuza are interested in this kid from the States head over here to read El Mayibe’s review. He gives it two stars, which seems very generous, but then again I am sure this film will appeal to its audience, but won’t spread very far beyond that.

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