Faith in Steve Carell is Universal


I am sorry but I just don’t have the faith in Steve Carell that everyone else seems to have. You would think that if this guy shits it would come out golden based on how much work Universal is throwing at this guy, but what do I know?

The latest development in the Steve Carell and Universal Pictures union, since the disastrous decision to make Evan Almighty, involves a deal in which Carell will write his own comic vehicle, which is untitled and based on his original idea. Carell, who co-wrote The 40 Year-Old Virgin with director Judd Apatow, will begin writing the script based on his own idea shortly.

Universal also went with Carell on his suggestion to pick-up the Mark Gunn and Brian Gunn pitch Juvenile in which Carell will star. “The idea is for Steve to play the most Caucasian man in America, who’s sent to juvenile prison for a petty crime he committed as a kid,” Mark Gunn said. “Suddenly this suburban drip is surrounded by 11-year-old bad-asses.”

If you are interested in knowing how “bad-ass” the Gunns are just know they are the geniuses that made Bring It on Again. Nuff said?

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