BOX OFFICE ORACLE: Oct. 14 – Oct. 16


Each of the films this week has something working against it. The Fog is so terrifyingly bad they refused to screen it for anyone beforehand lest the reviews sink it early. Domino is a pretty flick but rated R, it can be hard to open huge without the teens. Elizabethtown is brilliant but Cameron Crowe sometimes divides audiences (though Vanilla Sky made 100 million).

1. Elizabethtown 14.2m

I’ve got to put my man Crowe number one. I think the ladies will come for Mr. Bloom, I think the men will be dragged along and actually enjoy themselves.

2. Wallace and Gromit 11.2m

The Wallace train keeps on trucking thanks to sub par competition.

3. The Fog 10.3m

The Fog will sucker some people in week one because it’s at every theater in the world and there are no reviews on it and the penalty will be a nasty week two at the box office for this horror remake.

4. Domino 9.8m

The coolest movie on the docket will slide into the 4th slot.

5. Flightplan 6.4m

Like a disease, the top 10 list can’t shake this film.

6. In Her Shoes 5.6m

This film will be hurt by Elizabethtown appearing but there are enough sisters to keep it afloat one more week.

7. Waiting 5.0m

This film was released at an ideal time, any earlier in the year and it would have been eaten whole by Wedding Crashers or 40 Year-Old Virgin.

8. Corpse Bride 4.6m

Anyone in the mood for some darkly lit puppet work? I know I’m not.

9. Two for The Money 4.0m

The American public took a giant pass on this in week one, but it won’t die completely because men always need a way out of yard work on the weekends.

10. The Gospel 3.7m

One more week on the top ten for this message from God and then sayonara.

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