‘Sin City’ and ‘Star Wars’ DVD Menu Screens


Want to get some looks at two of the most anticipated DVDs of the holiday season? Well, I have them for you and when I say I have them, I mean I have a lot!

While I only have 14 looks at the menu screens for the upcoming Sin City (Recut & Extended) DVD I have 44 looks at the chapter menus for Star Wars: Episode III, Revenge of the Sith.

The Sin City screenshots are far more informative as they let you in on what to expect from the 2-Disc set, and the massive looks at Star Wars we have are various menu screens from the first disc featuring different backgrounds for the scene selection pages.

To check out the looks click on your DVD of choice from the screens below. Episode III hits DVD on November 1 and the Extended Edition of Sin City hits on December 13.

Once you click through, click on the red “IMAGES” button in the features section.



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