Connelly Accepts DiCaprio’s ‘Diamond’


The sexier than ever Jennifer Connelly has in the process of inking her name opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in the dramatic thriller The Blood Diamond for Warner Bros.

The film will be directed by Edward Zwick and is set in Sierra Leone circa 1999, a time when the nation was in the midst of a horrific civil war. An American diamond smuggler (DiCaprio) who specializes in the sale of “blood diamonds,” also known as “conflict diamonds” — the precious stones used to finance rebellions, privateers and terrorists encounters an indigenous Mende farmer whose young son has disappeared into the RUF’s army of child soldiers. The two men’s fates become linked as they find themselves caught up in a conflict involving the syndicate that controls the local diamond mining industry.

As far as Connelly’s role in the film is concerned it isn’t clear, but I am sure she will look damned good no matter what she is doing.

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