Box-Office Wrap-Up: Oct. 7 – Oct. 9


I was 41 percent off on the dollars this week due to The Gospel not existing and Serenity letting me down one final time just like dad. You have to hand it to the kiddies. They pulled on mom and dad’s leg sufficiently hard enough to convince them to attend Wallace & Gromit. Or am I underestimating the crossover market here? Perhaps the retiree’s pushed this little engine that could? That’s a mystery for another day, read on for the wrap up.

1. Wallace & Gromit 16.1m (My rank #2, 6.3m off)
The kid movie broke big and I’ll officially eat crow. It won’t hold on to the top spot though. You can keep your crow next week because the big boy movies are rolling in.

2. Flightplan 10.8m (My rank #5, 2.6m off)
Ms. Foster keeps on kicking. This movie has something to do with her kid getting lost or perhaps not even existing. WHY WON’T YOU GO AWAY FLIGHTPLAN??

3. In Her Shoes 9.1m (My rank #3, Dead On)
Well how about that, my first exactly correct prediction. I’m having a dry cognac snifter here at the Oracle mansion in celebration.

4. Two for The Money 8.4m (My rank #1, 5.2m off)
My top ranked movie took a well deserved header. I propose a toast to the American people for passing on this one, I only had it first because I underestimated your intelligence.

5. The Gospel 8.0m (My rank: Not freaking ranked)
I knew this film was on the radar but it was only in 969 theaters so I figured it would go low (like J-Lo). It can’t sustain this type of momentum. You read it here first.

6. Corpse Bride 6.5m (My rank: #7, 2.0m off)
I’ve heard there is a director’s cut coming out that has some racy puppet love. That’s an Oracle Exclusive

7. Waiting 5.7m (My rank: #8, 1.4m off)
I think they made it for like $45 bucks so they’ve got to be thrilled with a billion percent profit.

8. A History of Violence 5.1m (My rank #6, .9m off)
No matter what, this movie was better than Hidalgo.

9. Serenity 4.9m (My rank: #4, 3.9m off)
This is where hope and prayer failed, my little sci-fi movie that died the most horrific death.

10. Into the Blue 4.8m (My rank: #10, 1.7m off)
We’ll miss you Alba’s bikini, we’ll miss you.

P.S. Just kidding about the puppet love…

Weekend Box-Office Estimates
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Wallace & Gromit
In Her Shoes
Two for The Money
The Gospel
Corpse Bride
History of Violence
Into The Blue

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