UPDATED: Luis Guzman is NOT an Ass?


UPDATED: Apparently Luis Guzman is not the ass-hole he looked to be when Waiting director Rob McKittrick posted an evil looking argument the two got into on his personal site. Today McKittrick has posted an updated clip that shows that the entire thing was a practical joke. Click here to see the whole thing.

I gotta tell you, the joke is funny, but for those people that don’t manage to hear both sides of the story it might not be too humorous.

Whoa… I have yet to be invited on a set visit and I may have found out why they aren’t handed out too freely. Rob McKittrick, the director of this weekend’s comedy release Waiting, has been promoting the movie on his site and even offered up a funny little gem right here, but that is beside the point. The deal here revolves around one of the movie’s co-stars, a man you will all recognize from the pic to the left – Luis Guzmán.

Guzmán plays a lowly chef in the film and apparently offered up quite the headache for the new writer/director and Rob is coming forward with proof after he has taken a beating from Guzman during press rounds for the film. In one interview featured on SlamOnline Guzmán said the following:

Tell me about your film Waiting…. What’s really hood with that?

I had a good time doing that, but the director was a real a******. They guy gotta go to like acting school so he could understand actors better. Don’t get me wrong, he did a nice job writing the stuff, but he was always like directing everybody on how to act. It got to the point to where I said, “Yo dude, how many films have you made?” And he said, “This is my first film.” And I say, “Dude, this is like my 65th film. I think I can do this.” I said, “Don’t bawl, I’m gonna take care of you and do a good job.” This director, he’s a nice dude, but he don’t know half the s*** he doing. You can write that cause I told him that to his face in front of everybody.

So with that out there and McKittrick catching wind of it via the IMDB message boards he has decided to retaliate by featuring a damning behind-the-scenes clip on his site in which he and Guzmán get in quite the shouting match and Guzmán trying to one up him “You Know Who I Am?” style. The video has a healty amount of swearing in it, but it is well worth the view as Guzmán makes himself look like a complete ass. On the otherhand, McKittrick probably should have kept to his “bigger man status” and kept it to himself considering it is his first picture, but oh well… At least we get to enjoy it.

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