BOX OFFICE ORACLE: Oct. 7 – Oct. 9


This week three majors films debut in Two for The Money, Wallace and Gromit, and In Her Shoes. I’ve got them debuting in the top three slots! I see less cash flow for the main comedy on the board, Waiting. Something about it tells me America’s not ready to see their food molested. Okay, enough stalling, let’s go to the numbers and rankings for this weekend.

1. Two For the Money $13.6 million
This movie has an enormous marketing push behind it meaning they are going for an opening weekend win. The film will fall off the radar pretty quickly but they’ll call it mission accomplished on such a low budget project.

2. Wallace and Gromit $9.8 million
I just don’t see the appeal. The kids are still in school and it’s not animation. I’m drawing a line in the sand that this film doesn’t open huge, though other predictors would have you believe differently.

3. In Her Shoes $9.1 million
Cameron Diaz is enough to get people to the theater on Friday and word of mouth will lift this film after that.

4. Serenity $8.8 million
Barring a miracle our little space ship film floats off into space after this week. It’s a shame, sometimes you make a great flick and the public takes a pass.

5. Flightplan $8.2 million
How this film took two weekends in a row is a mystery to me.

6. A History of Violence $6.0 million
I’m predicting it won’t slip too much, the problem is it’s not released wide enough to crack the top five.

7. Corpse Bride $4.5 million
Tim Burton is enjoying his last weekend in the top 10 in the normal Goth manner of being sad.

8. Waiting $4.3 million
The only true comedy on the board might surprise some but it’s been buried on marketing dollars and a limited theater release.

9. The Greatest Game Ever Played $3.2 million
This film gets seen in almost twice as many theaters this weekend which should help offset the fact that only half as many want to see it.

10. Into the Blue $3.1 million
It has to be considered a disaster at this point. They should have just set fire to the money used to make it and called it a day.

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