If You Could See Jackman Now


Hugh Jackman is getting ready to sing and dance across the big screen as he will put his Broadway skills to the test in If You Could See Me Now for Walt Disney Pictures.

The film is bas on the novel by Cecelia Ahern, a 23-year-old daughter of Ireland’s Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, and finds Jackman playing the role of an imaginary friend of a lonely 6-year-old who has been left behind by his mother and is being raised by his aunt. The twist of the story is that the aunt can suddenly see the imaginary friend, and a romance blossoms between them. Yeah, a bit of a stretch eh?

As for Hugh Jackman this is only one of the films on his upcoming slate. Besides Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain, which will release early 2006, Jackman is lined up to star in an untitled Woody Allen feature, Good, X-Men 3, the animated flick Flushed Away, the X-Men spin-off Wolverine and The Prestige alongside Christian Bale for Batman Begins helmer Christopher Nolan.

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