Box-Office Wrap-Up: Sept. 30 – Oct. 2


Well, the first Box-Office Oracle is complete as the estimates are in. If you didn’t check out my predictions click here to do so, but I pretty much give the low-down below. The good news is I had all of the top 10 even if I was off on the order and way off on some dollars. Here’s what transpired:

1. Flightplan $15.0m (My rank #4, 6.9m off)

Did word of mouth not get out about this one? Were people scared of the Serenity crowds?

2. Serenity $10.1m (My rank #1, 7.4m off)

If Serenity was a stock I’d be poor. This is what I get for believing the breathless hype.

3. Corpse Bride $9.8m (My rank #3, 1.4m off)

Finally, some sanity. Corpse Bride has one more decent week and then it’s adios.

4. History of Violence $8.2m (My rank #6, 3.1m off)

I underrated this one that seems to be building steam like Mystic River.

5. Into the Blue $7.0m (My rank #2, 8.3m off)

This flick was destroyed this weekend; no one fell for the bikini trick. Once again violence beats sex. It opened at 7 million and is sinking fast.

6. Just Like Heaven $6.1m (My rank #7, 1.2m off)

The only romantic comedy on the board got a few dates. In Her Shoes gets those dollars and more this Friday.

7. Exorcism of Emily Rose $4.4m (My rank #8, .2m off)

This is the last we’ll hear from Emily Rose which is fine. I heard she was crazy anyway.

8. Roll Bounce $4.0m (My rank #5, 1.7m off)

Not as strong as I expected, Roll Bounce’s was seen by everyone who wanted to in the first few weeks.

9. The Greatest Game Ever Played $3.7m (My rank #9, .1m off)

This niche film didn’t have much of a chance.

10. The 40 Year-Old Virgin $3.1m (My rank #10, .1m off)

The last top 10 week for 40 Year Old Virgin, the end of an amazing run.

At the end of the day I was around 36% off on the dollars which seems to be industry average. Look for more accurate predictions out of the oracle going forward as my magic 8 ball just got back from the shop.

Weekend Box-Office Estimates
(in millions)
Corpse Bride
A History of Violence
Into the Blue
Just Like Heaven
The Exorcism
of Emily Rose
Roll Bounce
The Greatest Game Ever Played
The 40 Year-Old Virgin

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