Who’s Moon Played by Austin Powers?


Variety is reporting that Mike Myers is finally going to do something other than play an oversized cat or a big green ogre as he has been set by Spitfire Pictures to play the Who’s drummer Keith Moon in an untitled feature.

Apparently Roger Daltry and Nigel Sinclair (producers) have been working on this project for 10 years, but it is finally on the move and has hit the fast track with a director to be decided fairly soon.

Myers was interested in the project some time ago but due to his commitments to Austin Powers was not able to take it on. Now he seems eager to get it going. As for who this Moon guy is, Variety says:

Moon’s penchant for destroying drum sets while bandmate Pete Townshend smashed his guitars helped to forge the Who’s rebellious image. Moon was just as wild offstage, living large and trashing hotel rooms and cars. The lunacy nearly overshadowed an instinctive power drumming skill that fueled the Who. The hard living caught up to Moon, who died in 1978.

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