‘Clerks 2’ Site and Videos!


I am halfway through checking out the Mallrats 10th Anniversary Edition DVD and should have a review for you soon, but let me tell you now it is something any Kevin Smith fan is going to want, it is quite Smith-a-licious. But even more importantly another goody for you Smith fans (and if you aren’t a Smith fan was it wrong with you?) is the fact that the official site for Clerks 2: The Passion of the Clerks has just opened!

The site doesn’t have a ton of stuff, but it has some important goodies such as a teaser trailer for the movie (really simple, just clips from Clerks mixed with the Passion of the Christ score) as well as a Video Journal Chronicling a “Disaster in the Making.”

To check out the site and the two video clips click here or on the teaser image above, and ENJOY!

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