Ying Yang Pop ‘Viagra’


As much as I can’t believe that I am writing this story about a film I wouldn’t want to see in 100 years, I am still laughing over the fact that the pic you see to the left is on The Hollywood Reporter‘s Film News homepage. These two look absolutely ridiculous. By the way, when is turning your mouth into Fort Knox going to go out of style?

Anyway, the story we have here is concerning the rap duo the Ying Yang Twins who have just signed on to star in the feature film Viagra Falls.

The film is a comedy that revolves around two best friends in Atlanta who struggle to make enough money from their minimum-wage jobs to pay for a trip to spring break in Daytona Beach, Fla. Their plans change when a box full of Viagra falls into their laps.

Wow! Talk about a riveting story! I wonder what happens with the Viagra?!?!? I only hope there is a scene with an embarassing erection because I don’t think that has ever been done before.

Nevertheless, the Twins do have a following and it is most likely this effort may actually be watched by someone, hopefully not me.

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