Dawson Added to ‘Killshot’ and ‘Clerks 2’


Variety is reporting that Rosario Dawson has been added to a Killshot and Passion of the Clerks for the Weinstein Co. and the studio is also in talks with Johnny Knoxville and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to also fill roles in Killshot.

Killshot is an action-thriller that follows a woman and her blue-collar husband who become targets for two killers after stumbling upon an extortion plot hatched by the baddies. Carmen (Diane Lane) saw the scam, and now she and Wayne (Thomas Jane), her ironworker husband, have to pay. Both killers are out to erase any living evidence. Blackbird (Mickey Rourke) kills smart and deadly. Richie kills stupid and crazy. When these two lethal partners take up the chase, a safe place from killing is awfully hard to find.

Dawson’s filming will begin on Killshot next month and she will then follow that up in Kevin Smith‘s Passion of the Clerks, the sequel to his directorial debut, which is said to be about what happens when that lazy, 20-something malaise lasts into your 30s.

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