New Official Movie Site Updates


Recently quite a few official movie sites have either gone live or been updated, here is the low-down:

The full site for The Legend of Zorro is now live (! The largest feature is a site-wide game in which the idea is to collect the 6 character weapon icons to play in the shooting gallery and collect all 9 icons for a special bonus for the Legends of Zorro multi-player game. I am told the multi-player game will be kick ass and will be launching soon.

The official A History of Violence site has just added a blog for director David Cronenberg, click here for that.

Director Rob McKittrick’s official site has just added a blog. McKittrick is directing the upcoming film Waiting and the blog will also include entries by comedian Dane Cook who stars as Floyd in the film. Click here for that.

The official site for Fox’s upcoming psychological thriller Stay has also just launched with a couple of ways to enter. First off you can click here to travel the site the traditional way, or you can click here to view “the experiment.” Enjoy!


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