The ‘Syriana’ Poster!!!


Here we go, finally more from the upcoming George Clooney and Matt Damon starrer Syriana. We now have your first look at the one sheet for the film and it definitely will raise some eyebrows.

To check out the poster in its hi-res glory, click here or on the teaser pic above.

Syriana is set to open in a limited number of theaters on November 23rd with a wide release to follow on December 9th.

The thriller is based on Robert Baer’s book “See No Evil: The True Story of a Foot Soldier in the CIA’s War on Terrorism” and will find Damon playing Bryan Woodman, a money man who reps a Middle Eastern country’s oil interests, in the project being described as a “Traffic”-like tapestry of intersecting storylines that involve the CIA, foreign policy, the oil industry and terrorism. Clooney will portray Baer, a former CIA agent.

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