‘Stealth’ for PSP is More than a Movie


For the record, I hated Stealth, thought it was the biggest piece of garbage featured on the big screen in this 2005 movie season. That said, Sony Pictures is trying to force me to like it, they want me to give it some praise and they actually have something that has caught my attention.

On November 15th Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will be releasing the DVD and UMD for PSP versions of Stealth for you to “enjoy” at home, but the Sony PSP version comes with a twist. It includes a special Stealth-edition of Wipeout Pure, a top selling hovercraft racing game for PSP.

This hybrid UMD is the first of its kind, and will come with a suggested list price of $39.95 (I would bet good money that Amazon will have it cheaper than that). Wipeout Pure: Stealth Edition, will include three tracks, three crafts and three different player modes, including one new exclusive track and one new exclusive craft from the movie Stealth. Multiplayer will also be available for four players over WiFi.

Wany even more details? Check ’em out below:

The Stealth: Wipeout Pure game features:
» 3 Player Modes: Single Race, Zone and Time Trail
» 3 Speed Levels: Vector (beginning), Venom (intermediate) and Flash (expert)
» 3 Race Crafts: Stealth (the plane from the film), Fiesar and Piranha
» 3 Tracks: Stealth, Vineta-K and Zone

Unfortunately, we don’t have any screenshots, box art or trailers for the release, but once we do, you will find all the details right here.

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