Mandy Tells ‘Tales’


In a post over on her official message board, Mandy Moore mentions she is going to have a role in Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales.

Now before I go too far with this story, don’t go thinking I am out browsing Mandy’s official website. I am a man, a real man and I am far too busy looking at dirty disgusting things on the Internet that are forwarded to me all day and browsing Brit Brit’s homepage to spend any time at Miss Moore’s. That said, I first saw this bit of news over at so take that.

Moving along, Moore mentions she recently wrapped her filming on American Dreamz, the Paul Weitz film due out some time next year for Universal, and she just snagged a role on Southland, check out a clip:

anyway, before i really had a chance to relax and enjoy a bit of time off, i hopped on to another project. i started richard kelly’s new movie “southland tales” last week and while i’ve been slightly confused at the whole thing, i’ve been enjoying playing a slightly crazy character again. can’t wait for you guys to see both films!

To read the rest of the post and even reply to Mandy, and you know she wants to hear from you and will reply almost instantly… click here.

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